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Bor power ms-250 ultra fiyat

bor power ms-250 ultra fiyat

nanocrystals). Bor, power, fiyat kategorisinde en favori Motor Ya, Motor Temizleyici, Motor Ya Katks, Benzin Katks ve dier kategorilerinden birini tercip edip filtre seçimleriyle birlikte. "borpower is a nanotechnological product with exceptional tribological properties and is the most effective nanotechnological coating for all 4-stroke petrol, diesel and LPG engines. Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany, February, 2007. Borpower NanoGreen, mS-250 is a high-tech product developed with nanotechnology and the element boron, which has extraordinary tribological performance benefits and new standards in lubricants technology. Tests Certificates, an Independent Scientific Evaluation of the Effectiveness of borpower on Fuel saving performed at the Motor Industry Research Association (mira.

bor power ms-250 ultra fiyat

Bor Power, fiyat fiyat avantajn yakala!
M da senin için 80 adet.
Bor Power, fiyat ürünü bulduk.
Borpower ms-250 ultra (bnek ARAÇLAR ÇN) 4 zamanl ve 5 litreye kadar ya alan motora sahip tüm dizel, benzinli ve LPG li araçlarda, 1 ie (250ml.) orannda kullanlr.
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Bor, power, fiyat maaza fiyatlar ve, bor, power, fiyat ürün özellikleri incele! The remaining nano-particles roll like ball-bearing between the mcdp layers. For all vehicles with four-stroke engine and a capacity of 6 quarts ( 0-6 liters) of oil safely. The active ingredients boron diamond powder (mcdp) and nano boron of borpower are chemically inert. Bor, power, fiyat fiyat avantajn yakala! Borpower fills the gabs and un-even surfaces in the piston bays, so the pistons move better. Under high pressure between two metal surfaces, the boron diamond crystals are pressed into the material to form a boron metal film. Empty borpower NanoGreen, göteborg eurojackpot mS-250 in the engine and let the engine run for at least 10 minutes or drive 10 miles. Borpower is extraordinary since it does not undergo chemical reactions like conventional lubricants. How does borpower work in the engine?